Hey, I'm Justin Hammond

Entrepreneur & Developer


I've always had a passion for business. I've founded or helped co-found multiple companies. At the age of 12, I was programming video games. A couple years later, I got into web design. A few short years after that, while still in high school, I started an IT consulting and repair company. In my early 20's, I would go on to help create both Nozani, an ecommerce agency, and NCR4 Design, a web design company. Care to see what we are up to? Check us out below:

I have experience in the areas of technology and management.
Check out my resume here:



At heart, I'm a dreamer. I believe that life was setup for us to create. I've been fortunate enough to create a few things across various categories. At a young age I was composing and arranging music. Video games, websites, books, code, companies, music, and video production would follow. Some of my projects are listed here:

Software that tracks customers, tickets, and inventory.
All The Invites
Collect addresses and send invites.
Pineapple Library
CSS and JS Library.
My Salesforce admin and dev portfolio.
QA and documentation writer for space simulator software.
Project Eclipse
Space simulator business using Thorium. (Coming Soon)